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Autumn Schedule



5:30pm Taoist Yoga 

6:30pm PiYo Live! 


6:00pm Pilates

7:00pm Peace, Love & Yoga

8:00pm Weightloss Accountability Group


4:45pm Kids’ Yoga

6:00pm Barre

7:00pm Power Yoga (Vinyasa)


9:30am Glorious Morning Yoga (By appt)

10:30am Qigong (By appt)

5:30pm PiYo Live!

7:30pm Peace, Love & Yoga 


No Classes

Saturday & Sunday


9:30am PiYo Live! 


7:30am Sunrise Yoga

8:30am Kids’ Yoga

Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

Sculpt/Serious Sculpt

Sculpt is moderately challenging isometric/static exercise class - a full body workout. It was designed to work muscles long and lean without bulk and focuses on all accessory muscle groups too. It’s a great workout!

Serious Sculpt is more intense and includes cardio, making this class challenging.


Blending the tradiional mat Pilates method with light weights resulting in lean muscle tone and body sculpting. Improve your strength and flexibility with an emphasis on challenging the core muscles with each movement. 

PiYo Live!

 PiYo Live! Is a low-impact, low-high intensity workout that combines the muscle-sculpting,  core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility of yoga. Moderate-Challenging.

Peace, Love & Yoga

Somatic-based restorative Hatha-style healing yoga class. Relaxing sound bath and gentle stretching restorative poses to integrate practice into the mind and body. Aromatherapy to seal your practice and engage your senses to calm your nervous system, preparing for a deeper peaceful sleep


Elements of Pilates, Yoga and Ballet with a strength toning full body workout featuring small movement. Excellent for toning accessory muscles for a long lean dancer’s body effect. 

Taoist Yoga

A Gentle blend of traditional Indian yoga and ancient Chinese Chi lineages. Provides deep insight to how the body works with body mapping energy. This class is designed for all levels and is deeply and naturally therapeutic to restore Qi through enhanced breathing, fluidity through ease of movement and euphoric harmony through balancing the mind. Please bring a bolster or beach towel to this class.